Tuesday 17 June 2014

feed back mohmmad eid

محمد عيد
ان المشروع كان جميل وخاصه مع احلى جروب"الاخضر"مع المسؤول "ابراهيم بدوان" واعضاء الفريق "تالا جفال,وريتا"وان المشروع خاص بالموسيقى وكان كثير حلو وانا كنا نحكي للعالم عن فلسطين وعن تراث فلسطين من دبكه والاغاني الشعبيه وكانت رحله كما توقعت انها تكون جميله وكان في كل مدينه حفله نايتن ويستر اوكسفورد ونورث هامبتون ولندن الى جميه الناس الي حضروا الحفله انبسطوا وبشكر جميع الناس الي ساعدونا وبشكر عبد الوهاب وننديتا المسؤولين عن سفرنا وبشكر دانا الي كانت مسؤوله عن الجروب الاصفر وعن المسؤوله عن الجروب الاحمر ونجله مسؤوله الجروب الازرق.

mohmmad eid
the project was so nice especislly withe the green group and his leader ibrahem badwan and the other member "tala jfal,and ritta" and the project its about music and it was amazing and we were talk about palestine to the people her in england to inform them through the palestinan folklore like dabka and palestinan songs and the trip it was As i expected to be and we made party to show ouer cultcher in every citey we visit knighton,worcster,oxford ,northhampton,london it was fun to show them ouer songs ouer dance.
i would like to say thanks to cadfa and the groups leaaders ,dana and najla .

Name: mohammad eid
Project: Music
Project dates: 18-8-2013

What feedback did you do? Where/ when/ to whom? : I wrote about what happened in the trip and after
i sent it in October to waad shqerat by hotmail.
Why did you choose that sort of feedback?: nothing just for fun
How did it go?  It went will
What went well? :Yes

What did not go so well?: when my friend its fell ill .

Ideas for future work (this might include feedback from people who heard you – what did they suggest?): Ithink
All friends are thinking of going to London so Make every day new activities to comes all children .

Evidence attached: Please return us photos/ article/ other evidence of feedback – we will often use this on the project blog! 

This should be returned to CADFA/ Dar Assadaqa within six weeks of the end of the exchange.
Explanation – Feedback after CADFA projects
We are very concerned that our projects are not just for the people who join the visits but reach other people – schools, colleges, organisations, newspapers...  We participants to do formal feedback as part of each project and it helps us to build for the future. For this reason we take a deposit from people before they join the project and we ask them to do one of the following within six weeks of the end of the project.  When you’ve done this we’ll return your deposit.

Acceptable feedback
A talk to an organisation/ an article in a student paper or newsletter/ an exhibition of your photographs or videos/ other (discuss with us)  
Best wishes - CADFA and Dar Assadaqa.

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