Monday 19 August 2013

A day by the sea

We really have a lot of people to thank for this visit. Thanks firstly to all the many people in Knighton who have made the first part of our journey so happy. And thanks too to many people in Aberystwyth who responded to the sudden idea that we wanted to show the children the sea, and helped in every way. Today was great. We left Knighton early to travel across the green green Welsh mountains, speckled with sheep, full of rivers, and get to Aberystwyth in about an hour and a half. Then ... time by the sea... a sandcastle competition (they were all so good, too difficult to judge, glad no one insisted on a winner) ... fish and chip lunch... and a welcome to Aberystwyth by the Deputy Mayor.

After lunch we thought of going up the funicular railway but the sea called again...the sun was out... People played and some swam. 


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