Saturday 17 August 2013

Loong first day

The first day turned out to be very tiring: the coach journey to Knighton was unbelievably long - the English people were in the coach for 12 hours by the time we got to Knighton! The traffic was terrible due to a bad accident ahead of us. The main West Bank group and English friends got stuck on the M25 in the same place for 4 or 5 hours - but the kids were great. 

After that it was so lovely to see the green hills and the sunset and arrive in Knighton to a welcome meal in the community centre.

The second West Bank group will arrive in Knighton by train in time for our induction meeting.

Special greetings to our Gaza friends. With the terrible things happening in Egypt, this isn't going to be the time to come through Rafah, so we will miss you this time. But we are going to work to bring you here and have the second half of this project soon.   

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