Friday 23 August 2013

Worcester day

Yesterday, Thursday, was a day in Worcester - So many good photos from the cathedral, the Hive library, Horizon youth and community centre as well as the Guildhall where the young people were not only invited to meet the Mayor but invited to try on all the robes and chains and orbs of office!

But the internet in the place we are staying is very weak and it is hard to upload photos... they'll come slowly.

Just to say that the concert in the evening was once again fantastic.  Each time is different - we're learning and using new songs - they are put together with different things from the local group.

Typical audience quotes 'I loved the slight anarchy... They all have so much energy'... ' I liked the impromptu feel... It's very moving.'

Well done kids! (young people) - all of you, from Palestine and the UK. It is truly very moving.

These photos from the evening before (Wednesday)

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