Thursday 15 August 2013

Some safely arrived, some keeping safe

The main West Bank party have got safely to Gatwick, though their plane was delayed a bit. Welcome to all of you, and looking forward to seeing you and also Suzan, Mohammed and Tala who are coming a bit later.

Meanwhile the
Gazan kids are at home. It is hard to imagine that they can come through Egypt in the very near future because even if the border is open, their safety has to be the first priority.  We'll keep everyone updated.

Talal, Yasmin, Rita, Nour, Said and Nedaa,  we all want to see you here.  The people in your twin towns (Worcester-Khan Younis, Waltham Forest-Beit Lahiya) were so impatient to see you, and all of us were really hoping to see you tomorrow! So we are disappointed not to see you now, but this is not the end of the story: we hope to see you soon. 

The pictures are Palestinian kids arriving on a CADFA kids' visit a couple of  years ago. (The dates on the pictures are wrong)

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