Sunday 25 August 2013

Moments of our project

Visiting towns...

             ...and old ruins,


climbing walls....

   ...and hills,

    we enjoyed FREEDOM

...and good meals! 


 There were those with unique talents...

 ... and those who tried to learn new skills.
Some of us played...                                

    ...while others were busy
     in serious meetings.

 We walked,

we worked hard,
and rested when we could. 

We are now looking forward to a few exciting days in London...

....with Palestine always in our hearts and minds.


  1. This all looks wonderful. I just wish someone would let me know what the Waltham Forest itinerary will be on Wednesday as that's where I'd live and I'd quite like to be part of any events that take place

  2. Hi Richard
    Happily... pls send your email to us at and we'll let you know.
    The public event though we can say here, it's at 3pm at William Morris Gallery.