Wednesday 14 August 2013

Problems in Gaza

Yesterday we were so happy that the kids' visas were all ready and everyone nearly ready to go... Today we asked SUZAN to join us as an extra leader as sadly it's clear that Abdullah and Talal can't come this time... it's great she can come.

But today has been full of problems and worry about the Gaza border crossing.  Things are very tense in Egypt and limited numbers can cross the border, thousands of people are being held up, and our friends there have been worrying about being able to travel tomorrow. I think we have been in touch with the world to try and help them! 

It's not impossible but it isn't promised, the kids have to pack and be ready, and we have to wait and see.

In the West Bank, though, the kids are packing and expecting to travel and to arrive in the night of Thursday/ Friday so we'll all meet them on Friday morning.

So:  happy/ worrying/ exciting... Nearly there... Let's see!

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