Saturday 17 August 2013

What do we want to happen?
  • To make the children happy
  • Success in the project
  • Sit beside a river
  • Let people know about Palestine
  • To get to know and enjoy new places
  • To get to know everyone
  • To talk to people in Knighton and tell them more about Azzoun
  • To make new friends
  • Everyone to enjoy themselves
  • Learn more about Palestine
  • Everyone to be safe
What do we NOT want to happen?
  • Conflict-- between children and leaders
  • To get bored
  • Anyone to feel isolated
  • People feeling unhappy
  • People experiencing problems
  • Accidents
  • Another traffic jam
  • Anyone getting lost
  • People getting too wet in the rain
  • For people to be disappointed
  • Lack of co-operation
  • To make enemies
  • Anyone to feel frightened
What are we expecting to happen on this visit?
  • Make music together
  • Have fun
  • Learn more about Palestine
  • See/Experience new things for the first time
  • Visit English houses
  • Leave a good impression of Palestinians
What are we going to TRY TO DO on this visit? 
  • Talk about Azzoun
  • Make amazing music together
  • Learn more about music
  • Get the kids to the top of Panpunton hill
  • Make sure the children are safe, comfortable and happy
  • Try to keep this visit well organised 

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